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Telergy FAQ  


Answered by Robert McClung


Why doesn’t Telergy perform live?


Bringing a Telergy album to life with live musicians would be an incredible experience. But doing so would involve a large hall, dozens of musicians, weeks of rehearsals, and a massive amount of production. making the possibility of a live Telergy performance a nearly insurmountable task.


But, we are always open to the idea. Some high school, college and community orchestras entertain the idea of doing more adventurous modern material, and if some finical backers were to come on board to cover expenses maybe we could make it happen?


How do you choose your stories?


I watch lots of History Channel, ha ha!! I try to find stories that have enough angles and depth to be presented in the way that Telergy works. If you have any good story ideas let me know.


Will you come talk at my school/church/community center?


Sure, if I can fit it into my schedule and the travel expenses are covered. But please remember I am just a musician, not a history expert. 


What are your influences?


Too many to mention. Here is a short list….

Pink Floyd, Rush, Yes, Genesis, Kansas, Metallica, Dream Theater, Spock’s Beard, Savatage, Nightwish, Kamelot, Symphony X, King’s X, Porcupine Tree, Within Temptation, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Rhapsody of Fire, Coheed and Cambria, Hawkwind, Yngwie Malmsteen, etc etc…..


Why the name “Telergy”?


Merriam-Webster defines the word Telergy as "a hypothetical action of one person's thought and desire upon the brain of another person by the transmission of some unknown form of energy".  The idea of communicating by means other than just language seems to fit the purpose of the project. We tell stories through music, which could be perceived as a supernatural force unto itself.


Telergy’s music is almost entirely instrumental. Will Telergy ever do more vocal oriented material?


Maybe. It all depends on how I feel I can best convey the story.


How do you choose the players for Telergy albums?


I try to find actors and musicians whose style best represents the feelings behind the events and characters I’m trying to portray.


Will you play on my album? / Can I play on a Telergy album?


Maybe. Send me some audio files and if I like them we’ll talk.


What kind of gear does Telergy use?


To list every piece of gear in my collection would take far more than this page. I am currently officially endorsed by the following companies...

NS Design Violins...

Signal Wizard Systems...



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